Enjoying Log Accents

Not everyone lives in a log home or even wants to. However if you like the look of logs you can use log accents to add beauty to any home or add additional appeal to a log home. Here we’ll discuss some of the options for using logs and log products in your home without structurally changing it.

logsiding1.jpgExterior Log Siding

For Log Homes:

Now you can make your shed garage pump house or other structure match your log home. By using siding instead of full logs you can also save money. Sizes range from 5″ to 24″ stack heights and a variety of profiles and species is available. Several corner systems are offered so whether your home has notched butt and pass dovetailed or post and beam corners we can match it.

For Other Homes:

Hundreds of homes have literally been transformed by the application of exterior log siding. Many new homes are being designed for and constructed with log siding. Manufactured homes and older homes can see their beauty value and insulation properties greatly increase by adding this siding. You can live in what looks like a true log home without moving.

Interior Log Siding

For Log Homes:

For cost and other reasons many interior walls in log homes are conventionally framed. If there’s not enough log in your log home consider interior log siding. Given the many shapes and styles there’s probably one to match your log home.

For Other Homes:

You can create a warm comfortable feeling in a single room or throughout the entire home.

Log Furniture

The styles abound and you’re sure to find something to please. Log furniture can change the atmosphere in any room. Drawknives Tenon Cutters Drill carriages and manual clamping devices are uses by log furniture manufacturers.

Additional Log Accents

Logs can be used throughout the home as focal points in almost endless ways. Some suggestions include: a log fireplace mantel a slabbed bar top half log stairs half logs used to look like rafters small log window trim. You can also landscape your garden with logs — from log rounds used as stepping stones to retaining walls made of vertical or horizontal logs.

Start with the knowledge that you enjoy living with logs and then decide how you can allow logs to fit in with your home and lifestyle. We’re here to offer ideas suggestions and advice and can supply you with raw logs or logs prepared exactly to your specifications.