LiquidWood Epoxy


LiquidWood Epoxy

LiquidWood® (Liquid Epoxy), is a deep penetrating wood consolidant that regenerates and waterproofs rotted, dried-out or spongy wood. It restores structural strength and durability to wood fibers.



LiquidWood Epoxy

LiquidWood® Epoxy (sometimes shown as Liquid Wood Consolidant), can be poured, brushed, or injected into areas of rot and reinforces, rebuilds and waterproofs wood by hardening after penetrating.

LiquidWood® is considered both a consolidant and a primer.

  • Consolidant: Consolidation with LiquidWood® is the restoration and reinforcement of wood by impregnation with a special resin that hardens after penetrating. With LiquidWood®, a piece of deteriorated wood that would crumble under finger pressure can be impregnated and restored to rigidity, durability, water, insect and weather resistance superior to that of the original wood.
  • Primer: LiquidWood® is also a primer and surface consolidant on rotted and porous surfaces, for subsequent applications of WoodEpox®, paints or glues.

LiquidWood Epoxy Consolidant consists of 2 clear liquids:

…the resin (A), and the hardener (B). When A and B are mixed by simple stirring, a blend is formed with unusual properties to impregnate and restore wood and other porous masses.

Restore Rotted Wood in Four Easy Steps

  1. Prepare wood: Remove old paint, dirt and debris. Clean oily surfaces with detergent, water or solvents.
  2. Apply LiquidWood®: To strengthen the wood, apply LiquidWood® with a brush, or pour directly on the surface. LiquidWood® penetrates and hardens.
  3. Apply WoodEpox® (sold separately) when you need to rebuild missing pieces of wood and fill cracks and holes.
  4. When hard you can sand, paint, stain or nail.

Remember to read the complete instructions as to storage, wood prep, temperature, proper mixing…

Note: 2 pints/quarts/gallons means 1 part of each A & B for  two parts total. (e.g. 1 pint A and 1 pint B = 2 pint kit).

Note: You can thin LiquidWood® (up to 10%), with Zylene or MEK to dilute LiquidWood®), to get a consistency similar to CPES (an epoxy that we won’t ship due to it’s hazardous shipping classification), however it won’t have quite the structural capabilities that undiluted LiquidWood® has.
Normally this isn’t a problem as in log repairs the liquid epoxies are used to fill in the areas where some (punky) wood remains and your goal is to get a consistency to the liquid such that it will flow into these areas.

Note: Wood needs to be dry to use LiquidWood®. You can accomplish this by brushing on either Isopropyl Alcohol or Acetone, which mix with the water and quickly evaporate (think about how gas tank fuel drier works). It’s always best to to use a moisture meter to verify wood is dry. Think about this for a moment…if you leave damp/wet wood behind your patch, there is a chance of the rot process continuing behind the patch, rotting new wood, destabilizing your patch (it would now be attached to rotted wood), and your patch would eventually fall out…additionally the LiquidWood® won’t set properly (some say it will look a bit like mayonnaise), and you’ll have to scrape it out, clean the area with Acetone and start over.

Note: Use above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Or apply heat lamps, torpedo heater or other heat source to area within 2 hours of application. Sooner is better.



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Technical Data Sheets

MSDS for LiquidWood®

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