Wooden Plugs for Borate Rods



Pressure treated wooden plug that is slightly tapered on one end for easier driving into the hole.




Wood Plugs are used to seal holes after Borate Rods are inserted.

  • Use 5/8″  plugs for 1/2″ diameter rods (and smaller).
  • Use 7/8″ plugs for 3/4″ rods
  • Normally, plugs are 1/16” larger than the hole you drill to give a tight fit.
  • They are made of hardwood and treated with Copper Napthenate for long durability.
  • The plugs are tapered on one end for easy application.
  • Wood plugs can be used anytime the installation is horizontal, vertical down or diagonal down.
  • However, if the installation is vertical up or diagonal up, we suggest you use the plastic plugs as they have threads to keep them in place…and can be easily removed and reused upon future inspections.

The two plugs/caps on the right in the photo above are examples of the hue and shape of the 3/4″. One on the left is a ” diameter plug.

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