Veritas Log Scribe


Veritas Log Scribe

Quality economical transfer/log scriber used by carpenters and log builders. Comes with carrying case and pencil.



Veritas Log Scribe

The Veritas Transfer/Log Scribe, (some call it a transfer scribe, some a log scriber…all one and the same), is used for transferring the contours of one shape onto another. This is what makes it an ideal log scribe. But this also makes it an excellent carpenter’s scribe. It can translate that not-so-straight, 100-year-old wall profile onto a cabinet panel, letting you get a perfect match.

  • Use as a transfer scribe or a log scribe.
  • Cast metal body is non-corroding and has brass fittings.
  • Fully adjustable from 0″ to 12″.. (Most log scribing is in the 2″ to 6″ range).
  • Straight point for compass work, curved point for scribing.
  • Adjustable level bubbles allow scribe to be held horizontal or vertical, (or anywhere in between).
  • Uses double bubble level that is standard on many scribers.
  • Can be used with two pencils for double scribing.
  • Comes in insulated plastic case with pencil.

TheĀ Veritas Log Scribe has a maximum capacity of 12″, it is calibrated so that any opening can be used once the double bubbles are set for a given pin and pencil projection. The rotatable double-level post can be adjusted and locked in any position on either axis. The pointed end of the steel pin is for compass work; the blunt curved end is non-marring for transfer scribing. Other components are non-corroding brass and zinc aluminum alloy.

Usable with any standard pencil, it comes with a purple indelible pencil that marks well with light pressure. Extra indelible pencils are available in either purple or red.


Veritas Transfer/Log Scribe manual

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