Through the Roof – caulking


Through the Roof – caulking

Fixes nagging leaks: Remains elastic and water-tight year after year


Through the Roof – caulking

Through the Roof‘ is the caulking sealant that ‘Seals Leaks that Asphalt Can’t’.

Seals everything that goes Through the ROOF!
Clear, permanently elastic roofing caulk

Through the Roof features:

•  Permanently fixes nagging leaks: Proven to last 20 times longer than asphalt. Remains elastic and water-tight year after year.
•  Do repairs today, even in a rain storm: Sticks to surfaces wet or dry, in temperatures down to 0⁰ and up to 120⁰F.
•  Repairs stick, but don’t stick out: Tenacious adhesion to a wide variety of roofing materials and won’t discolor them. Goes on crystal clear and stays clear.
•  Easy to use: Easy to apply for professional-looking results every time.
•  OK to leave in your unheated garage overnight: Through the ROOF!® won’t freeze.

CA residents only: Low VOC formula of the 1 qt. and 1 gal. brush-on grade is available and required in the state of CA…we currently don’t stock the California blend. Contact Us

Through the Roof caulk


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