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  • Big Foot Big Boy 14″ Beam Saw


    This saw will help you knockout the toughest of projects with its 14” thin kerf carbide blade that cuts all 6x materials and 5 1/8” glu-lams in just one pass.

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  • Big Foot Tools 10-1/4″ beam saw

    st0145-bf-10 The Big Foot 10-1/4" saw is able to cut any 4x wood materials in just one pass, which eliminates the need for additional tools.
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  • Big Foot 10-1/4″ Beam Saw adapter kit

    Big Foot 10-1/4" Beam Saw adapter kit st0145-bf-kit The Big Foot 10-1/4" Saw Adapter kit will turn your Skil 7-1/4" circular saw into a 10-1/4"  power house.
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  • Big Foot 75 degree swing table


    The  75 degree swing table is custom made for the Big Foot saw and is a must for all roof cutters.

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  • Big Foot Head Cutter

    Big Foot Head Cutter Chainsaw Adapter ca0042-head-cutter The Big Foot head cutter, which performs beyond the reach of all common portable circular saw tools, is the log builder's, timber framer's, and conventional framer’s dream!
    $258.95$348.95 Details/Purchase
  • Lewis Chainsaw Winch

    Lewis Chainsaw Winch
    Lewis Chainsaw Winch ca0050-lewis-winch The Lewis Winch is made of a rugged cast-aluminum alloy housing making it extremely strong and lightweight that is capable of up to a 4000lb. straight line pull.
    $59.95$918.95 Details/Purchase

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