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  • Big Foot Big Boy 14″ Beam Saw


    This saw will help you knockout the toughest of projects with its 14” thin kerf carbide blade that cuts all 6x materials and 5 1/8” glu-lams in just one pass.

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  • Big Foot Tools 10-1/4″ beam saw

    st0145-bf-10 The Big Foot 10-1/4" saw is able to cut any 4x wood materials in just one pass, which eliminates the need for additional tools.
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  • Big Foot 10-1/4″ Beam Saw adapter kit

    Big Foot 10-1/4" Beam Saw adapter kit st0145-bf-kit The Big Foot 10-1/4" Saw Adapter kit will turn your Skil 7-1/4" circular saw into a 10-1/4"  power house.
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  • Big Foot 75 degree swing table


    The  75 degree swing table is custom made for the Big Foot saw and is a must for all roof cutters.

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  • Big Foot Head Cutter

    Big Foot Head Cutter Chainsaw Adapter ca0042-head-cutter The Big Foot head cutter, which performs beyond the reach of all common portable circular saw tools, is the log builder's, timber framer's, and conventional framer’s dream!
    $258.95$348.95 Details/Purchase
  • Lewis Chainsaw Winch mdl. 400-MK2

    Lewis Chainsaw Winch
    Lewis Chainsaw Winch ca0050-lewis-winch The Lewis Winch is next available in February...Material Supply issues, lack of qualified workers, and lots of orders. Contact Us to get on the no obligation notification list. The Lewis Winch is made of a rugged cast-aluminum alloy housing making it extremely strong and lightweight that is capable of up to a 4000lb. straight line pull.
    $59.95$918.95 Details/Purchase

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