Capture Log Stain – samples & gallons


Capture Log Stain – 1 gallon & sample sizes

Capture log stain  is designed to protect your home no matter what the weather condition or elevation.




Capture Log Stain – Samples and Gallons

Capture® Log Stain’s unique elastic formula allows it to move freely as your logs move, instead of cracking and peeling like the others. It provides the long-lasting protection you need and creates the dream-worthy look you want.

  • Capture brings out logs’ natural beauty
  • Capture log finish is elastic; it bridges gaps of small cracks
  • Loaded with highest-quality UV inhibitors and trans-oxide pigments
  • Easily topcoated and maintained with Cascade
  • Highly breathable – allows moisture to escape
  • Water-based – easy to apply and clean up
  • Freeze-thaw stable in the bucket

Capture Log Stain is designed to protect your home no matter what the weather condition or elevation, Capture log stain’s unequaled formula allows the coating to move freely as your logs inevitably expand and contract (as moisture escapes and temperatures change). Which means no peeling, flaking or chalking-just a beautiful coating that really lasts!

This flexibility permits the bridging of small cracks in the surface of wood and provides an elastic shield for the underlying wood. Virtually no other coating provides this level of elasticity. Loaded with UV absorbers, Capture protects your home from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It glides on and clean up is easy with just soap and water.

  • Extremely transparent- heavily loaded with trans-oxide pigments to give a beautiful, transparent look to the grain of wood.
  • After top coating with Cascade, modest sheen results which can vary, depending on whether you’re using Matte or Semi Gloss.
  • Highly elastic-to permit the unavoidable movement of wood due to surface expansion and contraction due to moisture and temperature changes without cracking and peeling.
  • Excellent UV protection with used in conjunction with Cascade topcoat.

Coverage: Approximately 150 sq. ft. on rough surfaces. 200-300 on smooth surfaces.
Use two heavy coats of Capture log stain (especially with lighter colors), with one additional heavy coat of Cascade Top Coat. Let dry between coats.

Remember to take a look at the Color Fast base coat. Colorfast Pre-Stain base coat evens out wood porosity, creating a smoother surface for stain application and preventing over-absorption and a too-dark color. It can also be used to lessen UV fading on bare wood/logs while holding in the log yard…or waiting for the roof to go on your new home.

Are you looking for information on Capture in a  5 gallon Neutral Base with Flex Tint Color Cartridges? Then click HERE


Applying Capture log finish with Cascade Clear topcoat

Capture Data Sheet

Capture msds

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