Oly Log Screws


Oly Log Screws

Oly Log Screws are available in lengths from 2-1/2 to 16 inches.




Oly Log Screws

Oly Log Screws are available in lengths from 2-1/2 to 16 inches.  3/16″ shank, 5/16″ hex head.  Patented head style countersinks itself during installation.

  • 3/16″ shank, 5/16″ hex head.
  • patented head style countersinks itself during installation
  • No pre-drilling necessary as these have self feeding tips.
  • Specially coated to install much faster and easier than lags or spikes.
  • Screw has 2″ of thread at tip with 1/4″ major diameter.
  • Use an OlyLog Screw that is 2 inches longer than your log stack height  (e.g. use a 10″ size for 8″ diameter log).
  • Save $$ on each Oly Log Screw when you purchase a full box.
  • Installation torque 62 inch pounds
  • Pull-out resistance 2,000 lbs
  • Ultimate Shear 6,018 lbs. (104,000 psi)
  • Box of 250 with free hex head driver bit.

OlyLog is the first threaded log home fastener which requires no pre-drilling and is ACQ approved.

SPACING  Anecdotally, spacing will normally run from as close as 9″-12″ around openings to 36″ in solid wood wall areas. Don’t take this as gospel, however it gives you a starting point for your preliminary estimating.

In many areas of the country you may need a engineer to determine the correct spacing for the Oly Log screws in your log walls.

If your looking for a heavier duty screw check out the Log Hog

If you need a flat head fastener check out the Headlok


Oly Log Specs

Basic Info

Guide to Extractive Bleeding

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