timber frame pegs

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  • Timber Frame pegs – 8″

    Timberframe pegs

    8" Hardwood pegs are available air-dried in your choice of Red Oak or White Oak hdw0065-pegs-8
    $0.90$1.22 Details/Purchase
  • Timber Framing pegs -10″

    Timber Framing pegs - 10" Timber framing pegs are available in air-dried hardwood, your choice of Red Oak or White Oak hdw0065-pegs-10
    $1.10$1.48 Details/Purchase
  • Timber Frame pegs – 12″

    Timber Frame pegs - 12"

    12" Hardwood Timber Frame pegs are available in your choice of Red Oak or White Oak hdw0065-pegs-12
    $1.30$2.20 Details/Purchase
  • Longer than 12″ Timber Frame pegs

    Long Timber Frame pegs

    Timber Frame Pegs:
    • are available in 14', 16", and 18" lengths.
    • Red Oak...Straight (bevel in starter end)
    • Lightly Waxed
    $1.43$1.85 Details/Purchase
  • Drawbore Pegs

    Drawbore pegs

    Available in Red or White Oak Lengths of 12" and 16" available hdw0065-drawbore-pegs
    $1.75$2.20 Details/Purchase
  • 6″ Hardwood Timber Frame pegs

    6" Hardwood Timber Frame pegs hdw0065-pegs-6 1" diameter x 6" wood pegs are available in Red Oak.
    $0.75$0.81 Details/Purchase

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