Double Braided Rope


Double Braided Rope

Double braided low stretch polyester rope for Capstan Winches.



Double Braided Rope

This double braided polyester rope is high strength, low stretch, torque free, excellent wet/dry abrasion resistant and wet/dry strength. Good resistance to ultraviolet rays and common chemicals. Obtains the best weathering characteristics of all popular fibers.

  • Double braided low stretch polyester rope for Capstan Winches.
  • Chafe resistance is better than twisted…and tensile strength is greater
  • Available in 600′ length
  • 5/16″  has 3089 lb. tensile strength
  • 3/8″ diameter has 4468 lb. tensile strength…this rope is much heavier than the 5/16″…and the 5/16″ has more than enough strength for using with this winch…though many will still purchase this big one.

NOTE: Rope is a generic term for any cordage over 1″ in diameter…under that it is called string, line, twine…although these are less than 1″ in diameter we call em ‘rope’…always have, probably always will.

NOTE:  Don’t use climbing rope or Electricians ‘mule tape’ as they don’t work properly…one has too much stretch while the other flattens out excessively and can bind against the body of the winch…which voids the warranty.



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