Lewis Winch 4 pc adapter kit


Lewis winch 4 piece adapter kit

Lewis winch 4 piece adapter kit is a direct connect setup with your choice of 3 adapters that fit a majority of chainsaws.



Lewis winch 4 piece adapter kit

will fit the majority of chainsaws with an ‘outboard  sprocket’. This is where the sprocket sits away from the saw with the clutch drum between saw and sprocket.
Lewis Winch adapter kit includes…

  • 1/2″ thick disc to attach to winch drive…think of this as a ‘spacer’…used in conjunction with one of the other 3.
  • 3 3/8″ thick discs to fit your chainsaw drive shaft…you pick the one that fits
  • 3 screws to attach the 3/8″ thick disc to the 1/2″ thick disc.

Part #’s…the adapter kit includes…

  • L906E    This is the 1/2″ thick ‘spacer disc’ that goes on the winch
  • L906F    This is a 7 tooth standard spline
  • L906G    This is a 7 tooth spur type…the one in the pic with the 7 point star shape punched out.
  • L906H    This is a 7 tooth small spline.

Note: The Lewis Winch 4 piece adapter kit is set up for 3/8 (pitch) 050 (gauge). In some circumstances, you’ll need to use the bar, chain, sprocket adapter kit…and in rare cases you may need to use a disc not included in the above kit…usually for a particularly small chainsaw or one running 325 pitch where you don’t want to switch over to 3/8 pitch.


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