Gransfors Bruk Broad Axe


Gransfors Bruk Broad Axe

Gransfors Bruk Swedish Broad Axe Style #1900 is available in several configurations for right or left handed work.



Gransfors Bruk Broad Axe

The Gransfors Bruk broad axe has a 7″ face and a 20″ hickory handle and the head weighs 3 lb (50 cm long and weighs 1,7 kg)…pre-sharpened…do yourself a favor and don’t run your thumb across the edge of the blade.

Gransfors Bruk Broad Axes and the handle profile, are based on old Swedish  techniques for squaring logs and structural timbers.

(Traditional American style broad axes have a wider face and are heavier and often a longer handle).

  • Hickory Handle has circular grooves for increased grip.
  • It comes with a grain-leather sheath.
  • SOME CAVEATS HEREWhat’s ‘right handed’ for one person is ‘left handed’ for another. Please watch the video…(well done by one of our competitors), and read the PDF 4 page brochure that you can find in the ‘Extras’ tab.
  • Part of the decision here is how you use the broadaxe…e.g. do you stand to one side of your work, reach over the beam/log and cut on the side away from you…or do you straddle the work (more of an American long handle style)…of do you reach across your body and work on the side of the beam closest to your…Yikes!

Broad Axe Style #1900

Here’s a bit of help in determining the differences…

  • #4801: Handle ‘eye’ in a straight line with blade (not offset), and beveled on two sides (double sided sharpened) with the ‘eye’ (where the handle attaches), and the handle in a straight line with the axe head…this is considered a chopping broadaxe…although it can also be used for hewing. Good all purpose…most common…(although Scotty has several broadaxes and none of them are double sided sharpened).
  • #4802 is the same straight profile with the bevel only on the left,
  • #4803 is the same straight profile with the bevel only on the right.
  • #4811: Handle ‘eye’ to left of double beveled blade
  • #4813 and #4823: Beveled on one side (straight scissors sharpened) with angle of handle to same side as bevel. The blade will lay flat to your work without the poll being in the way. #4813 is left handle/bevel, #4823 is right handle/bevel. Getting both of these would give you a matched set for right and left hand work.
  • #4821: Handle ‘eye’ to right of double beveled blade.
  • #4812 and #4822: Beveled on one side (reverse scissors sharpened) with angle of handle to side opposite bevel. The blade will just barely NOT lay flat to your work as the poll is slightly in the way. #4812 is left -angled handle/right bevel, #4822 is right-angled handle/ left bevel.

Is the one you desire out of stock? Contact Us to get on the ‘no obligation’ waiting list.

NOTE: Re: Standard scissors sharpened and Reverse scissors sharpened. We can’t tell the difference in the actual sharpening…except that:

  • Standard scissors is sharpened/beveled on the  same side as the angle of the handle
  • Reverse scissors sharpened is sharpened to the opposite/(reverse?) side from the angle of the handle.

What we do see is that with the standard scissor sharpening, the blade lays flat to the work, whereas with the Reverse scissors sharpened, the poll keeps the blade from laying exactly flat…could be just a mfg. glitch and we only have one #4812 in stock to compare at this time.
In both instances, the very cutting edge seems to be raised from the plane of the back of the blade slightly…say <1/8 inch.

To summarize:

  • The Gransfors Broad Axe #4823 is probably the best seller…it has the handle and the bevel on the right, which works well for a right handed person…e.g. you can stand to the right (you’ll reach across your body and be cutting on your left), or to the left of your work (you’ll be leaning on/over the timber and cutting the right side of the timber).
  • The Gransfors Broad Axe #4813 would be the left handed equivilant.

NOTE: Right and Left designations are from the handle end (e.g. users side).

  • The Gransfors Broad Axe #4801 is the popular straight handled version with double bevel.

As mentioned above, the eye (and the direction of the handle) may be straight or angled sideways, right or left, (helps to protect the knuckles).  If you want deeper visible cuts when squaring logs, you can use a broad axe, double beveled, with the blade bent and the eye angled to the right or to the left. (now that should keep you up late cogitating).


Broad Axe styles explained

Broad Axe Info

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