Gransfors Bruk Axe Sharpening File #4031


Gransfors axe sharpening file #4031

The Gransfors Bruk axe file is a fine-toothed iron file with two faces and a small wooden handle.




Gransfors Bruk axe sharpening file #4031

This Gransfors axe sharpening file #4031 is a 2 sided fine-toothed iron file used for taking off larger amounts of steel when you’re removing a damaged area in the blade. You would use this file on damaged area, with the final touch ups with the Ceramic Stone.

  • The Beech handle is thicker near the file blade to give a good grip.
  • The file is normally used with water (for lubrication), but can be used dry.
  • File length is approximately 3″
  • Comes with leather sheath


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