Defy Oxalic Acid Wood Brightener Concentrate


Defy Oxalic Acid Wood Brightener Concentrate

DEFY Wood Brightener (previously called TimberBrite) will brighten and restore the natural beauty of all species of exterior wood.


Defy Oxalic Acid Wood Brightener Concentrate

DEFY Wood Brightener is an Oxalic Acid wood brightener in a liquid concentrate that is mixed with water to brighten and restore the natural beauty of all species of exterior wood. Product removes tannin and rust stains and is recommended for use on Redwood and Douglas Fir. It will not harm wood fibers, grass or most plants when used properly.

  • Wood Brightener removes dirt, grime, tannin, rust, fungi stains and weathered graying from horizontal and vertical wood surfaces.
  • Recommended for surface preparation prior to initial application of finishes and stains.
  • Product can be used as a cleaner and brightener for Redwood and Douglas Fir, or as a neutralizer to further brighten wood species like pine, that have been cleaned with DEFY Wood Cleaner.
  • Not formulated to remove intact paint, stain, or clear finishes.
  • Comes in a concentrated liquid form that you dilute with water. One gallon of concentrate will clean/lighten approximately 750 sf. of surface area.
  • Recommended as a surface preparation between maintenance coats of any of the DEFY finishes.

DEFY Wood Brightener will:

DEFY Wood Brightener is acidic

…and has a pH less than 7. Since Redwood has an acidic pH, DEFY Wood Brightener will effectively clean and brighten redwood prior to applying a finish. To clean redwood: Thoroughly wet surface to be cleaned. Spray solution and allow it to remain on wood for 15 minutes. Scrub if necessary and rinse with hose or pressure washer to remove.

  •  does not remove dead wood cells on most species of wood, but will remove tannin and rust stains.
  •  will remove stains formed when iron and moisture come into contact with tannic acid in the wood. Some woods like Cedar naturally contain a high amount of tannic acid and a black stain is formed when the wood gets wet with tap water as iron is a trace mineral of tap water. (Just as a wet glass left on these woods will produce a black ring). Nails and screws will form black rings around the head if the wood gets wet. If tap water is used to wet unfinished oak and mahogany, small gray spots may form on the surface of the wood. Oxalic acid will remove this discoloration without affecting the natural color of the wood.
    Click HERE to read about cleaning Cedar and Redwood decks and logs with DEFY Wood Brightener


DEFY Wood Brightener

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