Veritas Power Tenon Cutter


st0100-Veritas-Power-Tenon Cutter

Veritas aluminum-body tenon cutters will cut smooth, perfect tenons with radiused shoulders




st0100-Veritas-Power-Tenon Cutter

Veritas Power Tenon Cutter has a Anodized aluminum body, designed to run vibration-free while being driven with electric drill, steel shank and high-carbon steel blade.

This tenon cutter uses a radius blade, thus you won’t have the large 60 degree shoulder.

  • Eight cutting diameters; sizes 5/8″ to 1″ cut 2-3/4″ long tenons typically used in rustic furniture; sizes 1-1/4″ to 2″ cut 4-1/4″ long tenons
  • All sizes have hex shanks; sizes 5/8″ to 1″ require 3/8″ (or larger) chuck; sizes 1-1/4″ to 2″, which require more torque to drive, are for use in larger drills with 1/2″ or larger chuck
  • Integral level vial
  • Blade is adjustable to cut exact tenon size required in both dry and green wood
  • Back end of blade is contoured to avoid anything extending beyond revolving body, increasing safety
  • Includes built-in honing guide for easy blade sharpening on drill-press mounted drum sander

  NOTE: Not for use in a drill press

Instruction Manual

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