Forstner style bit


Forstner Style Bits

Forstner bits were invented over 100 years ago, specifically for the woodworking industry.



Forstner Style Bits

Forstner bits were invented for use by the gunstock and woodworking industry. Since their cut is guided by the outer rim, it is easy to drill overlapping holes, as well as angled and pocket holes. Multi spur edge.

They are the preferred bit for drilling thin veneers, knots and end grain.

Made of High carbon steel, Forstner bits are designed to bore clean, flat, precise holes in a variety of woods.

  • Shaft size varies with the bit diameter:
  • 1/4″ hex shank on 1″ and smaller
  • 3/8″ hex shank on 1-1/2″ to 2″
  • 7/16″ hex shank on 2-1/2″ and larger
  • Overall length varies from  3-1/2″ to over 6″ depending on the diameter of the bit.

NOTE: Benjamin Forstner was a Gunsmith, located in Oregon, at the time he developed the ‘Forstner’ bit back in the 1800’s.


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