Gransfors Bruk Froe #487 Handforged


Gransfors Bruk Froe #487

Gränsfors Bruk Froe is used to split wood very finely, for example when making shingles for a roof.

st0030-Froe-Gransfors #487


Gransfors Bruk Froe #487

The Gränsfors Bruk Froe is used to split wood very finely, for example when making shingles for a roof. The wood to be split is placed under the edge. The user steadies the tool with one hand on the vertical handle and strikes the blade with a Froe mallet using the other hand. The froe handle is removable, making the Froe easy to transport.

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This is a heavy duty unit. Not to be confused with the lighter/smaller units more commonly available. The “eye” of the froe appears to be a single piece and is thicker than some of  others we carry.

  • Blade length of the froe is 11-3/4″, width varies from 2-3/8″ near the eye to 2-1/8″ near the tip.
  • Approximate blade thickness is 5/16″
  • Overall length 14″
  • Handle length 17-1/2″.


  • 2.4 lbs. blade
  • 3.0 lbs total
  • 4 lbs. shipping

Note: The Gransfors Froe is shown in the center of the 3 Froes shown in the images. You can see the round eye is thicker than the Peavey Froe and the same thickness (or just slightly less) as the Barr Froe (which has the ‘square’ eye).

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st0030-Froe-Gransfors #487


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