Gransfors Bruk Froe #487 Handforged


Gransfors Bruk Froe #487

The Gransfors Bruk Froe is  hand forged in Sweden

st0030-Froe-Gransfors #487

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Gransfors Bruk Froe #487

The Gränsfors Bruk Froe is used to split wood very finely, for example when making shingles for a roof. The wood to be split is placed under the edge. The user steadies the tool with one hand on the vertical handle and strikes the blade with a Froe mallet using the other hand. The froe handle is removable, making the Froe easy to transport.

This is a heavy duty unit. Not to be confused with the lighter/smaller units more commonly available. The “eye” of the froe appears to be a single piece and is thicker than some of  others we carry.

  • Blade length of the froe is 11-3/4″, width varies from 2-3/8″ near the eye to 2-1/8″ near the tip.
  • Approximate blade thickness is 5/16″
  • Overall length 14″
  • Handle length 17-1/2″.


  • 2.4 lbs. blade
  • 3.0 lbs total
  • 4 lbs. shipping

Note: The Gransfors Froe is shown in the center of the 3 Froes shown in the images. You can see the round eye is thicker than the Peavey Froe and the same thickness (or just slightly less) as the Barr Froe.

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st0030-Froe-Gransfors #487


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