Gransfors Bruk Mini Hatchet #410


Gransfors Bruk Mini Hatchet #410

#410 Gransfors Bruk Mini Hatchet (also called ‘Small Hatchet’)



Gransfors Bruk Mini Hatchet #410

Gransfors Bruk Mini Hatchet weights just 11 oz., is razor sharp, and comes with a leather sheath. #410

Mini Hatchet specs…

  • With protective leather sheath.
  • 11oz.
  • 10.25″ in length
  • 20 year guarantee
  • 8″ handle length gives you just enough space for both hands.
  • 2 1/2″ wide blade with heavy curve.
  • Comes with 25 degree bevel.
  • Razor Sharp-no kidding on this one.
    (While a customer is taking the sheath off the blade, we’re already heading for the band aids. Some folks just gotta run their thumb across the edge to see if it’s sharp)

Here’s what Cliff Jacobson of Tactical Knives Magazine has to say about the Gransfors Mini Hatchet:

“Small, light, and perfectly balanced. Sharpen a pencil, slice a tomato paper thin, and shave the print right off this page. It will ‘frizz’ sticks for tender, cut fine kindling, and split small logs. It will filet a fish, skin a moose, tenderize a steak, turn your pancakes, spread jam and peanut butter, pound tent stakes, and chop vegetables. And it will ride as lightly on your hip as the average hunting knife.”


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