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  • Barr Flat Hewing/Ship Adze

    Barr Flat Hewing/Ship Carpenter Adze

    The hewing adze (ship carpenter’s adze) is specifically designed for hewing timbers. When used in conjunction with our scarf slick your timbers will have a traditional hand hewn look. st0250-adze-barr-ship-Hewing-carpenter-Flat-
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  • Barr Gutter Adze

    Barr Gutter Adze...also called a Curved Adze.

    Our gutter adze is primarily used for roughing-out chair seats. It is also very useful for log scribe work, large bowl projects and totem work. Shipped with a 30" hardwood handle which can be cut to desired length. st0250-adze-barr-gutter
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  • Carving Swedish Woodenware

    v980-carving-swedish-woodenware Carving Swedish Woodenware by Jogge Sundqvist using adz, ax and knife to carve a bowl and spoon  
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  • German Oxhead adze

    German Oxhead Adze

    Oxhead ("Ochsenkopf") German Adze is available in curved or flat blade styles...Good German Steel and long handles. st0250-adze-oxhead
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