How Milled Stacks Up

There is a large variety of logs species shapes sizes and styles available and it can be very confusing for the potential home owner.

  • Which species of wood is best suited for your building site?
  • Traditionally Pine Spruce Fir Cedar are the most popular species used in milled log construction. Pricing approximately follows the same list with Pine/Spruce being the least expensive and Cedar the most expensive. All species appear to do equally well in drier climates. In wetter climates care must be taken in the design and exterior maintenance of the log home.
  • Do you prefer the look of a home built with 6 diameter logs or with much larger logs?
  • Do you like a flat interior wall or do you prefer the logs to be round on both the interior and exterior of your home?

There are additional questions about how your home will be put together. The diagrams below show the most common methods used in milled log construction.

groove1.gif buttpass1.gif

Double Tongue & Groove Round Notch

Butt & Pass Method

intercor1.gif postbeam1.gif

Interlocking Corner Method

Post & Beam Method