Washable face mask


Washable face mask

Antimicrobial fibers protect against bacteria. Hydrophobic/ hydrophilic lining that wicks and repels moisture away from the face.  Washable, adjustable and comfortable.

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Washable face mask

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Washable cloth dust masks has a special inner lining. It is made of a material that is an athletic fiber, designed to worn against the skin. This fiber is also designed to wick away moisture from the skin.

Now available in solid colors…tool design fabric is no longer available.

Face Mask comfort is largely determined by what’s happening “next-to-skin”. In warm weather, if moisture is allowed to remain you feel a bothersome clamminess. In cooler temperatures this same moisture becomes chilling – robbing you of precious body heat.

  • The mask technology’s “temperature regulating” mastery over moisture accumulation comes from its hydrophobic (moisture-hating) polyester and hydrophilic (moisture-loving) nylon. This combination creates a 2-Zone Comfort Lining® resulting in a push-pull effect that deploys perspiration away from skin.
  • The lining material in all of our masks features a unique three layer knit construction. When combined with a second layer, they provide effective filtration for allergens, dust, a variety of bacteria, mold spores, and dander, and help protect against airborne effluents resulting from sneezes and coughs.
  • Filter down to 1.0 microns and helps to protect against:
  • pollen (6.0+ microns)
  • mold spores (1.0+ microns)
  • pet hair & dander (1.0+ microns)
  • dust (1.0+ microns)
  • bacteria (.35+ microns)
  •  airborne effluents from sneezes & coughs that can contain cold and flu germs      (4.0+ microns).
  •  A 1.0 micron Latex Particle Challenge (PFE) testing revealed a 61% efficiency as tested by Nelson Labs
  • Tested by the NIOSH Division of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Treated with Dow Corning’s hospital safe, non-leaching, non-allergenic AEGIS® antimicrobial that kills germs and  lasts for the life of the mask
  • Plastic encased, stitched-in, Coneg Certified padded nose form to help “seal” the mask and prevent fogging of glasses
  • Hydrophobic/ hydrophilic lining that wicks and repels moisture away from the face
  • Non-latex elasticized sides to help assure a flexible good fit
  • Soft fabric ear-loops with an adjustable slide to provide a custom, comfort fit (no elastic cutting into your ears)
  •  Washable – depending upon use, can last as long as your favorite t-shirt…some folks dampen the mask in hot weather to slightly hydrate themselves
  •  Mask are a nylon/polyester/cotton blend
  •  Suitable for persons with latex allergies
  •  Manufactured in the USA


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