Ripping chain


Ripping chain will definately make your rips go faster…with both scoring teeth and cutting teeth to help clear the chips as quick as they’re cut.




Chainsaw Ripping Chain

Ripping chain will definitely make your ‘rips’ go faster…with both scoring teeth and cutting teeth to help clear the chips as quick as they’re cut.

Ripping chain is recommended for use only in chain saw mills, not for hand-held use. (These are not low kick back type chains.

Currently chainsaw ripping chain is available in several pitch and gauge combinations, in the style made by Granberg.

  • All profiles are sharpened with a round file.
  • Ripping chain is used on chainsaw mills, such as the Alaska Mark III.

Notes: To convert a regular cutting chain to a ripping profile, (which is set up to “cross cut”),  the folks at Granberg adjust the cutter teeth into a pattern of 4 different teeth configurations, then repeat.

  • The first and second cutting teeth, (called the center clearing cutters) are “blunted” to 0 degrees, the 3rd and 4th (called the scoring cutters), are sharpened to 20 degrees.
  • Additionally, the 3rd and 4th in the series are “narrowed” lengthwise. There is also some adjustment to the raker depth. (The Low Pro style only has full clearing cutters as it has a low 1/4″ kerf). A schematic is shown.

We also offer the 3/8 .050 in the “Oregon” style (with this style the cutting edge angle is the major difference). Very easy to sharpen..

NOTE: The Oregon style of chainsaw ripping chain and the 3/8lp (low profile) ‘Granberg Style’ are only available in 050 gauge (gauge is the thickness of the groove in your bar that the chain travels in…050 means it’s 50 thousanths wide).

Caution: This modified chain yield an extremely aggressive edge capable of  severe kickback that could result in serious injury. Do not use for cross cutting.

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