Lumocolor Marking Pens


Lumocolor Marking Pens

Lumocolor permanent ink pens are popular for scribing

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Lumocolor Marking Pens

Lumocolor permanent pen-medium (1.0mm), point.

Very popular as the tip won’t wear nearly as fast as the pencils, thus you won’t need to reset your scriber as often

Note: You may have to purchase a ‘pen adapter‘ for your scriber as these have a larger diameter than the pencils.

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With the STAEDTLER Lumocolor Marking Pens, you can write on almost any surface.

Whether in the office or workshop, at school or at home – Lumocolor can be relied upon to write on overhead film, glass, plastic, metal, wood and many other materials besides. (we’re read online that there are mixed reviews regarding glass)

  • Universal pen for use on almost all surfaces
  • Suitable for overhead projection
  • Also suitable for use on CDs/DVDs
  • Excellent smudge-proof and waterproof qualities on almost all surfaces
  • Dries in seconds, therefore ideal for left-handed users
  • Permanent, low-odor ink
  • Lightfast colors: black, brown
  • Weatherproof color black
  • PP barrel and cap guarantee long service life
  • DRY SAFE – can be left uncapped for days without drying up (Test ISO 554)
  • Airplane-safe – automatic pressure equalization prevents pen from leaking on board aircraft
  • Xylene and toluene-free ink
  • Superb color brilliancy
  • Line width medium approx. 1.0 mm

Most scribers need a special ‘Pen Adapter’ to accommodate the Lumocolor pens.

Check HERE to see if one is available for your scriber.


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