PermaChink Interior Acrylic


PermaChink Interior Acrylic Finish

Interior Acrylic Finish by Perma-Chink will enhance your Room with a Clear “furniture-grade” Satin or Gloss Finish



PermaChink Interior Acrylic Finish

Enhance your Room with a Clear “furniture-grade” Satin or Gloss Finish

Lifeline Acrylic Satin & Acrylic Gloss premium clear for the interior of your natural wood home. There is no better way to dramatically enhance the beauty of your walls, ceilings, beams, millwork and cabinetry.

Perma-chink Interior Acrylic finish is a special order item that takes an extra 2-3 weeks…thus it will show as ‘Back Ordered’ in your cart.

Lifeline Acrylic Satin & Acrylic Gloss are water-borne, so they can provide the toughness, clarity and durability of polyurethane – without the mess or offensive odor. Their special formulas are a delight to work with and simply glide onto the wood. You’ll get more done with better results than with other competitive finishes.

  • Features and Statistics
  1. Non-Yellowing
  2. Quick Drying
  3. Excellent Film-Build
  4. Won’t Crack or Peel
  5. Makes Dusting Easier
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
  • Application Temperature: 40-90 degrees
  • Application Methods
  1. Airless Sprayer
  2. Quality stain brush
  3. Sponge
  • Surface Preparation: Seal wood surface with Lifeline Interior
  • Number of coats depends on the amount of sheen and film thickness desired.
  • Additional coats build additional gloss

Drying Time: Dry to the touch in 1 hour and can be sanded in 4 hours

One Coat on Sealed Wood: 600-800 square feet
One coat on Millwork: 450-800 square feet



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