Clamp and Carriage…NW clamp and carriage is a three piece unit.

  • The “clamping system” for the material
  • The drill clamp/holder and slide for the drill.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.



Clamp and Carriage

NW clamp and carriage is a two part unit. The “clamping system” for the material and the clamp and slide for the drill.

Discontinued item by the mfg. Left here for reference.

Drill Carriage

Is actually two components.(shown above on right holding drill and on sliding rails)

  • One is the slide that is bolted to your work bench.
  • The other is the holder for the drill.

The drill holder and drill then glide along the carriage slide toward the log material that is secured in the clamping device.

The Manual Clamping Device

Is designed to easily center material to line up with the drill chuck. (shown above on left holding wood stock)

  • Clamps on each side of the round stock move toward the centering point simultaneously which keeps your log stock centered on the tenon cutter head.

Although you can clamp your material in a wood vice and “free hand” the drill into the material to create the tenon, furniture makers have reported a return on investment in under 30 days using the Carriage and Clamping device when compared to using the Tenon Cutters without Carriage and Clamp.

If you have more than a single project or two, you’ll find the clamp and carriage systems nearly indispensable.

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