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The Log Master bears a resemblance to the Log Wizard; however, it’s uniqueness lies in it’s ability to hollow out logs.

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We have put a hold on acquiring more of these tools for the immediate future. Recently, the quality of the packaging has been such that the body of the tool, and the blades themselves, have been dinged, chipped and scratched. Tough to see a product as new when they arrive in that condition.

The Log Master grooving tool is great at what it does.

The Log Master bears a resemblance to the Log Wizard; however, it’s uniqueness lies in it’s capabilities.

  • Designed as a groover and gouger.
  • Used to cut grooves for wiring or plumbing as well as hollowing out rails to be used as rain gutters.
  • Wood carvers also enjoy the Log Master’s ability to hollow out short log leftovers to create flower pots etc. that are used to decorate the yards and gardens around log homes.

The Log Master is fitted with two 1 1/4″ blades that are flat on one end to give a square corner finish and are curved on the other end to give a radius finish.

  • A steel chain guard is also included with the Log Master for added safety.
  • Each Log Master has a gauge included for setting the blades after they have been changed from one function to the other.
  • These blades can also be sharpened several times.
  • Sharpening should be done by a qualified blade sharpener.

The Log Master usually comes with 325 sprocket installed, as well as a 3/8 sprocket…when possible we request them with the 3/8 installed to save you the trouble.

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Log Master on log

Log Master Instruction Sheet

Log Master Parts List

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