Gransfors Bruk Carpenter’s Axe #465


Gransfors Bruk Carpenter Axe #465

The Gransfors Carpenter Axe has a slightly smaller profile than the Small Forest Axe



Gransfors Bruk Carpenter Axe #465

The Gränsfors Carpenter’s Axe has a long, thin and straight edge with a straight bevel face and a narrower poll, giving an even cutting surface for great carving.

The Carpenter Axe has a forged inward curve from the heel to the lip of the head allows your hand to grip almost straight above the centre of the cutting edge, which is important when your work requires stability and precision.

  • Straight edge and thin blade with low angle of the bevel face, suitable for work in dry wood.
  • The forged inward curve of the axe head, from heel to lip, permits your hand to grip almost straight above the center of the blade edge.
  • Axe poll is ground and can be used as a hammer.
  • Comes with a grain-leather sheath.
  • 2 lbs.
  • 18″ overall length
  • 3″ cutting edge

Handle has a straighter profile than the Small Forest Axe…otherwise the Carpenter Axe is slightly smaller with a similar profile.

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