Granberg helper handle



Used on Alaska type Chain Saw mills and adapted by builders for it’s light weight and easy assembly.




Used on Alaska type Chain Saw mills and adapted by builders for it’s light weight and easy assembly.

Helper handles are used both on Alaska type mills (allows a 2nd person to be guiding the mill and pushing it along) and for projects where some chainsaw “freehanding” is needed (such as cutting out a log archway that’s already installed), and a second person is needed to “follow the line” on the other side of the log.

Two styles available

  • SKU: G971 w/o roller. Use this on bars that have a sprocket nose/tip.

    This sturdy aluminum handle bolts to the end of a standard saw bar for extra control and safety for the outboard end of the Alaskan mill. Requires the drilling of two holes for mounting.

  • SKU: G975 For use with the double end saw bars G742-3 thru G745-3
    This sturdy aluminum handle incorporates an adjustable chain roller so chain tension can be adjusted at the Helper Handle end of the saw bar. Needed for milling with a double end saw bar.
    You would use this helper handle on a bar designed to take a chainsaw at each end…however you’re running a saw at only one end and need the handle and roller for the opposing end.


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