Flexible backing pad


Flexible backing pad for sander/grinders

  • Flexible backing pads, air-cooled (due to spiral ribs), all purpose for use with A/O (Aluminum Oxide) sanding discs.


Lock nuts are low profile to work with these backing pads.
Spanner wrench is the easy way to tighten the lock nuts.


Flexible backing pad for sander/grinders

Flexible backing pads are made with an ‘edge’ that allows better contouring…thus you can hold the pad at a bit of an angle to the work…allows you to get around tough to reach spots a bit easier.

These Spiralcool flexible backing pads worked great, however we didn’t sell enough to warrant stocking them…so currently discontinued.

  • Standard, air-cooled (due to spiral ribs), all purpose.
  • Flexible edge with spiral ribs to provide contact points and form channels for air flow extending disc life 30-50%.
  • Flexibility is useful on uneven surfaces

Pads are slightly undersized (e.g. 4-1/2″ is actually 4-1/8″), so the abrasive disc will extend beyond the edge of the disc. Thus edge of the rubber pad will not touch the work surface.

4-1/4″ (sometimes called a 4-1/2″), backing pads are available in two sizes.

  • a ‘threaded’ center shaft (5/8″ shaft), used on electric tools such as Makita sanders, polishers, grinders.
  • a ‘smooth bore’. (5/8″ shaft), commonly used on Black and Decker, Dewalt, and Milwaukee electric tools and most pneumatic tools.
  • The ‘smooth bore’ has a more flexible edge than the ‘threaded bore’. For more flex in a threaded variety try the 5 inch flex pad    (You’ll need the 5″ sanding pads)

The 5″, 7″ and 9″ flexible backing pads are available in the 5/8 threaded bore only.

Lock nut is optional, however it should be ordered as it has a lower height profile than the conventional lock nut.

Spanner wrench is used with locking nuts…however many tools have a built-in lock button that performs the same task…(with the addition of your gloved hand to spin the pad, nut, and abrasive disc on/off).



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