Beam Machine Chainsaw Attachment


Beam Machine Chainsaw Attachment

  • The Beam Machine makes any chainsaw an easy-to-use portable sawmill.
  • Mounts on a 2X4 .
  • Can be used to cut a prow, (angled cut), to the roof line and to trim the decking to length.

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Beam Machine Chainsaw Attachment

  • Makes any chainsaw an easy-to-use portable sawmill.
  • Mounts on a 2X4 .
  • Can be used to cut a prow, (angled cut), to the roof line and to trim the decking to length.
  • Good for door and window cuts though not as precise as the mini mill.
  • Swivel clamp allows for easy starting cuts when “plunge” cutting opening cuts.
  • A simple tool that you’ll find lots of uses for. Takes only a minute to bolt it to your chain saw bar.
  • Lightweight and very portable. Easy to toss in the back of the pickup and forget it until you need it. It’s that small.

Eliminates “chainsaw fatigue”

The Beam Machine‘s exclusive dog-tooth pivoting action takes most of the strain out of sawing because it supports the weight of the saw and provides a smooth, leveraged swing motion. You can square one side of a 12-foot beam in about 5 minutes.

Building a log cabin?

The Bean Machine chainsaw mill lets you square two sides of a log fast, making a tight fit easy to achieve. It is also used extensively in Log Home building to cut out windows, doors and trimming roof edges. It is also used to edge-trim and rip larger boards/slabs from salvage or other larger mills.

The BEAMMACHINE® was developed by a imaginative inventor who found himself in the bush with a chainsaw and in need of a board or two.

NOTE: Plenty heavy duty…though some of the pads that press against the chainsaw bar are slightly skewed…doesn’t affect the functionality, just saying in case your looking for perfection.

2nd NOTE: For all you Canadians that keep ordering these, only to find out how expensive it is to ship cross border (e.g. $52.17 by mail)…we suggest you first look inside Canada as it’s a ‘Canadian made’ tool. For all other International shipments…considering that it’s $52.17 to ship to Canada from the United States, you can safely say it’s going to be more than that to your location.

Basic info on using Beam Machineripping chain and bigger saw would be faster

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