Barker Log Clamp and Drill Carriage


Clamp and Carriage System

Barker Clamp and Carriage is a three piece unit.

  • The “clamping system” for the material…called the ‘Log Clamp’
  • The holder and slide for the drill…called the ‘Drill Carriage’ (or sometimes the ‘Slide Base’)



Clamp and Carriage System

Barker Clamp and Carriage system is a three part unit. (one part is the “Log Clamp”, the other two parts are called the “drill carriage” or ‘slide base’)

  • Log Clamp:
    This holds the wood material. The self-centering Log Clamp holds your logs/poles/square beam securely in place while the drill cuts the tenon end of the log, without marring the log. Welded steel construction. Teflon slides, super tough finish. Portable.
  • Drill Carriage/Slide Base:
    The is actually two parts…the “Drill Holder/Holster” (which is available in either a 1/2″ or 3/4′ drill chuck size…specific to certain models of drills), and the ‘Slide” which is what connects the ‘Drill Holder’ to the ‘Log Clamp’.

Note: You can order the parts individually, however they normally are ordered together.

NOTE: Drill holder can be ordered to fit either of the following:

  • 3/4″ drive Milwaukee Super Hole Shooter Model #1854-1…for this specify the 3/4″ chuck size
  • 1/2″ Milwaukee Drill Model #1663-20/ 1660-6 drills
    (The Milwaukee #1660-1 is a single speed version of the #1663.20…It can be made to work. You’ll need to bend the metal clamp on the carriage so the “trigger” on the drill is accessable). For these order the 1/2″ chuck size.For any sort of production work we recommend the 3/4″ drive drill for its durability.
  • You can also order the the drill carriage to accept both the 1/2″ and 3/4″ listed above

NOTE: The 1/2″ chuck drill carriage is not set up for a Milwaukee Hole Hawg…sorry.



Showing Barker Tenon Cuttersand Barker Clamp and Carriage

Additional Clamp and Carriage information

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