Arbortech Trade Blade -Tuff Cut Blade – IND.FG.115


Arbortech Trade Blade -Tuff Cut Blade
st0132-Tuff Cut Blade

The Arbortech Tuff Cut Blade is the tradesperson and DIY dream. The Tuff Cut Blade is resharpenable and has tungsten carbide teeth with a long life and unrivaled cutting performance.
The Tuff Cut Blade is designed for straight cuts and carving through the toughest of materials, from dirty wood with embedded nails to aluminum.


Arbortech Trade Blade -Tuff Cut Blade
st0132-Tuff Cut Blade

The Tuff Cut blade has been renamed the Trade Blade.
Arbortech Tuff Cut Multi-purpose cutting blade for general purpose cutting of wood, wood based materials, plastics, plaster board, laminates, sheet materials, aluminum and other soft, non-ferrous metals.

The 115mm (4 5/8″) diameter of the Tuff Cut will cut materials up to 25mm (1″) in depth with speed and control.

Particular tasks which the Arbortech Tuff Cut is ideal for include:

  • Trenching for fittings, pipes, wires, ducts and exhausts
  • Removing old nailed or dirty timber.
  • Cutting sections of floorboards, timber boards and wall sheeting.
  • Cutting plastic and polypipes.
  • Cutting fencing and Hardiflex fiberboards.
  • Removing and cutting to size old boards off pallets, sheds, verandahs, yards etc., which are often riddled with rusty nails.

Deburring aluminum, including cutting, shaping planing and cleaning.

The Trade blade / Tuff Cut Blade is manufactured from high grade steel and dished for even greater strength, the design features three Tungsten carbide teeth, which are exposed to a height of 1mm from the body of the blade. This means the blade will take no more than 1mm of cut with each pass, so the blade will not dig into the wood while cutting and offers excellent safety and control.

  • 115mm (4.5″) blade with Tungsten Carbide teeth.
  • Excellent, versatile cutting blade.
  • Dished blade for extra strength.
  • Very safe – great control.
  • Ideal for wood, plastics sheet material, aluminum and others.

Video showing cutting ability

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