American Carving Bar


American Chainsaw Carving Bars

Made in United States.

These bars use 3″ of hard face alloy (Stellite) on their tips (top and bottom), …which I believe is the most of any carving bar…the norm is closer to 1-1/2″.


American Chainsaw Carving Bars

Made in United States. Considered by many to be the elite of the carving bars…not much to look at with it’s ‘rattle can’ battleship gray paint job…but it has a loyal following…both those who prefer to ‘Buy American’ and those who desire a top quality, long lasting carving bar.

We’re closing out Carving Bars…thus you might see the pricing start to drop as we get closer to the end of the inventory.

Tip Size:
Dime size tip works only for 1/4 pitch 050 chain…
Quarter size tip works for 1/4, .325, or 3/8lp (lo pro) chain

050 gauge (width of groove in the bar that the chain travels in.

Include the Make and model of your saw in case we notice any discrepancy between what you ordered and what you intend to use it on.

Carving bars have hardened tip area coated in Slick 50 type oil additive (when we remember to do so)…to allow bars and tips to be additionally ‘work hardened’.


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