16″ bar and cutterless chain. Bar drilled to fit Log Wizard or Log Master Attachments


16″ Chainsaw Bar and Cutterless Chain for Log Wizard

This is a Chainsaw Bar drilled for attaching to a Log Wizard or Log Master, along with a cutterless chain.




Chainsaw Bar and Cutterless Chain for the Log Wizard

This is a 16″ Chainsaw Bar drilled for attaching to a Log Wizard or Log Master along with the cutterless saw chain…if you know the ‘pitch, gauge, and bar mount’ for your saw you can head straight to ordering…otherwise read on…

To order, you will need the following information:

  • Bar Mount Style (sometimes called the ‘tail mount’)…see below for more information on this.
    • K095 is the bar that fits the mid range Husqvarna saws’…e.g. 257, 261, 262xp, 357, 359, 362, 455, 460, 466…
    • D009 fits the larger Husqvarna saws…e.g. 61, 65, 67, 181, 260, 281, 285, and right on up to the largest (3120xp)…though I can’t imagine putting a Log Wizard on the largest saws…you simply don’t need that much power.
    • D025 is the bar type that fits the larger Stihl saws…e.g. 024, 026, 028 and larger. (the only anomaly being the 025/ms250 takes a smaller bar mount)
      You can often find this information in your Owner’s Manual or on the chainsaw bar you’re currently using…it’s located on the mounting (tail) end of the bar, hidden by the chainsaw cover plate.

If you don’t have a  Stihl or Husqvarna chainsaw, you can go to www.oregonproducts.com which is the Oregon Saw Chain and Bar Company (the world’s largest I believe), look up your make and model of saw and if the luck is with you, your saw will have one of the available bar mounts on the list. (an example of this is several Jonsered, Poulan, Echos have a K095 bar mount).
Alternately, If your saw uses a different bar mount you’ll need to either drill your own bar and/or order a custom bar and chain from your local saw shop.

  • Pitch of the chain…This will be either .325 or 3/8 pitch as this is what the Log Wizard is set up for. These bars are all are a solid tip (solid nose/hardnose) bar…(bars that don’t have a sprocket tip), the hardnose bar is good for either 3/8 or .325 pitch chain. Your saw however is usually set up for either 3/8 or .325, so ordering the correct chain means you won’t have to swap out the sprocket on your chainsaw.
  • Gauge of the bar and chain…this is the width of the groove in the bar that the chain rides in. Since you’ll usually be ordering a bar and chain together, you’ll be getting a matched set…e.g. both bar and chain will have a 050 or 063 gauge. (Note; The sprocket on the chainsaw and the log wizard can take either, so it’s only relevant if you already have one or the other and are ordering a replacement).

To clarify a bit…both the Log Wizard and your chainsaw need to have the same pitch of sprocket installed…That’s why the Log Wizard comes with both a 325 (usually the installed one), and a 3/8 (in case your saw comes with the 3/8).
Click HERE for a short article on determining the Pitch and Gauge of your chain


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