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  • Cannon Carving Bar

    Cannon Carving Bars ca0020-cannon Cannon Carving bars are available with cobalt hardened tips in varying tip diameters and bar lengths.
    $72.00 - $177.11 $69.95 - $158.95 Details/Purchase
  • Makita ‘5012B’ Carving Package – bar, chain, 1/4 sprocket

    No saw package
    Makita 5012b 'No Saw' Carving package ca0008-Makita-nosaw Makita 'No Saw' Carving package is for those who already own a Makita 5012b electric saw and only need the chainsaw carving bar, 1/4 pitch chain and 1/4 pitch sprocket...ONLY FOR THE MAKITA far as we're aware...this only fits this one model.
    $73.95$101.95 Details/Purchase
  • Carve Smart

    bb404   Carve-Smart edited by Karen Tiede Written by the Carvers of the forum 100 Chainsaw Carvers from around the world answer questions about carving in this compilation of a year's worth of topics encountered on the forum.
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  • American Carving bar with Quarter tip to fit larger Stihl D025 mount

    American Chainsaw Carving Bar ca0020-carving-bar-lgstihl American made. Fits the Large Stihl styles...e.g. 024, 026, and larger. (MS250 uses a standard carving bar).
    $105.95$135.00 Details/Purchase
  • Australian Carving bar by GB.

    GB Australian Carving Bars ca0020-gb-carving GB is the only carving bar that we're aware of that also offers a sprocket tip option.
    $30.00 - $140.00 $30.00 - $50.00 Details/Purchase
  • Chain Saw Carving the Art and Craft

    bb403  Chainsaw Carving-the Art & Craft by Hal MacIntosh Revised 2nd edition Discover the artistic side of the chainsaw. The works of 23 chainsaw carvers are featured in this book.
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  • Chainsaw Carving a Wood Spirit

    V911 NEW! DVD - Ken and Steve walk you through the steps of how to chainsaw carve a wood spirit from a cedar log. You'll also see how to die grind, sand, burn and brush the wood spirit.
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  • Chainsaw Carving an Eagle

    bb506   Chainsaw Carving an Eagle by Jamie Doeren & Dennis Roghair Laid out in a format similar to "Chainsaw Carving a Bear" (see below), Doeren & Roghair lead you through the following projects:
    •     Eagle with Fish
    •     Eagle Bench
    •     Soaring Eagle
    Softbound/76 pages
    $16.95 Product Details
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  • DVD-How To Chainsaw Carve an Eagle-Backus

    V950 Steve Backus in his 2nd how-to chainsaw carve video focuses on carving an eagle for beginners.
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  • MacIntosh Book and Video set

    b504-macintosh-set Discover the artistic side of the chainsaw. The works of 23 chainsaw carvers are featured in this book and 2 VHS videos.
    $88.50 Product Details
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