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  • Colorfast pre-stain base coat

    Pre-Stain Base Coat for Wood lf0041-colorfast Colorfast Pre-Stain base coat evens out wood porosity, creating a smoother surface for stain application and preventing over-absorption and a too-dark color.
    $0.00 - $249.99 $0.00 - $224.99 Details/Purchase
  • Capture Log Stain

    Sale! Capture Color Chart
    Capture Log Stain lf0015-Capture Capture log stain by Sashco is designed to protect your home no matter what the weather condition or elevation...NOW with 3 additional colors!  
    $0.00 - $289.99 $0.00 - $260.99 Details/Purchase
  • Cascade Exterior Clear Topcoat

    Sale! Cascade Clear Top Coat
    Cascade Clear Top Coat lf0020-cascade Now available in Semi-gloss and Matte. Cascade Clear Top Coat is a weather repellent topcoat to be used with Capture Log Home Stain
    $0.00 - $329.99 $0.00 - $296.99 Details/Purchase
  • Transformation ‘Log and Timber’ Stain

    Sale! Transformation 'Log and Timber' Stain
    Transformation 'Log and Timber' Stain lf0026-Transformation-Log & Timber Sashco Transformation Log and Timber (plant) Oil Based Stain is formulated with resins based on renewable resources, such as safflower, linseed, and Tung oil, rather than petroleum-based it an honorable mention in the "Green Home and Lifestyle Awards".
    $0.00 - $445.99 $0.00 - $401.99 Details/Purchase
  • Transformation Siding and Trim Stain

    Transformation Siding and Trim Stain lf0022-transformation-siding-trim Transformation Siding and Trim by Sashco, is formulated for ease of application without sacrificing beauty or performance in a 2 coat system
    $0.00 - $251.99 $0.00 - $226.99 Details/Purchase

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