How to change the sprocket on your Makita 5012b chainsaw

Changing the sprocket on your Makita Electric Saw.

This is pretty lo-tech however it seems to work and the price is right.

First Take the Makita saw and install the 3/8 lo pro bar and chain that is factory supplied. (These are the ones that will currently fit as the saw has the factory installed sprocket on it. Put the bar nut back on to hold it in place; however don’t replace the bar/clutch cover as you’ll need to access the nut that holds on the clutch.

Next Wrap a towel or rag around the bar and chain combination several times close to the body of the saw. Then wearing a thick glove grip the towel tightly. In effect the combination of the towel and your grip will act as the “brake” so you can now put a socket or wrench on the nut and loosen it. The nut is reverse thread so you’re trying to loosen clockwise. I generally use a closed in socket and tap the wrench with a rubber or wood headed mallet and rarely have any trouble.

Now Remove the existing bar chain and sprocket and replace with the carving bar chain and sprocket.

Apply the same towel glove and closed end wrench technique described above. Only this time your tightening counterclockwise.

A Side Note: If the carving bar doesn’t fit the saw properly it is okay to file on the bar stud groove…actually you can file/drill about everywhere except the tip (e.g. to reposition the oiler hole for another saw).