Chink Paint Receipe

Here are the instructions for both 5-gallon and quart tubes…we’d suggest making a small batch and trying in an inconspicuous area to see how it works…and looks.

5-Gallon Pail

  • Remove and set aside 1 gallon of product from a 5-gallon pail of Log Jam.
  • Add one gallon of water to the pail and mix thoroughly…gives you a 1 to 4 mix.

There are various styles of high-viscosity mixing blades available at most hardware or paint stores that will work well to mix this material using a drill

Quart tubes

  •  Mix ½ pint (8 oz) of water to each 29 oz tube of Log Jam will give you the same mix ratio.
  • Mix as above.

More or less water or Log Jam can then be added as personal preference to Dial In the high viscosity. 
We recommend you store remaining product from 29oz in a container with a screw top lid; from 5 gallon double layer plastic wrap then hammer back on the lid for future use.

NOTE: Nifty as this ‘poor man’s’ recipe is…we think the Permachink ‘Chink Paint‘ is a better option. With it’s thick elastomeric properties it’s formulated to do the task right. That said lots of folks just don’t have the bucks to use the good stuff.