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Barr framing chisels in 1', 1-1/2



Barr Specialty Tools makes Hand Forged framing chisels and take and hold a superior edge. Hand forged from carbon steel with a flat ground back and deep 4" socket handle for a positive fit.

Japanese Post and Beam chisels<br>1-1/2 & 2

Japanese Post and Beam chisel


Japanese Post & Beam Chisels are intended for deep mortising in log-framing, timber framing and post and beam construction.

Price varies with size

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Barr corner chisel

Barr corner chisel


  • Forged from tough carbon steel, these chisels are hand-tapered and bent to 90 degrees, then flat ground.

Sorby corner chisel

Sorby corner chisel #287


Sheffied Steel, Engish corner chisel by Sorby.
1" x 1"

Swan Neck Chisel on right

Swan neck chisel by Barr


A swan neck chisel is a great tool for cleaning up the bottom of a mortise.

Sorby framing chisel

Sorby chisel - #285


Robert Sorby from England.

  • Designed for North American cabin building. 

Starting at $89.95

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Sorby #286 beveled chisel


Robert Sorby #285 chisel is similar to the Sorby 285 Framing Chisel but with a bevel to give extra clearance in the cut.

Starting at $103.95

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Replacement handle for Barr chisels and hand gouge.


Replacement handle for above Barr Chisels

Leather guard to fit Barr and other chisels


Protect your investment with our high-quality, hand-crafted, leather guards. Fits just about any chisel with the same diameter


Photo of leather blade guard for slick

Leather blade guard for slick

Leather Tip Guards

Protect your investment with our high-quality, hand-crafted, leather guards. Saddle grade leather is stitched and riveted. Available for framing and bench chisels, slicks and draw knives. Chisel guards come with ABS plastic backing inserts. Draw knife guards available for all draw knife sizes.

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