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Chainsaw Milling & Cutting

These chainsaw attachments allow you to do everything from make lumber and beams, flatten logs, cut openings in log walls to custom cut rafters

Beam Machine for milling and trimming lumber and logs

Beam Machine


  • The Beam Machine makes any chainsaw an easy-to-use portable sawmill.
  • Mounts on a 2X4 .
  • Can be used to cut a prow, (angled cut), to the roof line and to trim the decking to length.

Granberg Mini Mill

Granberg Mini Mill


G555B Granberg Mini-Mill 

The Branberg Mini milling attachment combined with your chainsaw converts logs into lumber or beams. It also makes an ideal edger for use with the Alaskan MK III. Comes with 12 feet of guide rail in 2 foot sections. This is attached to a customer provided 2 x 6.

Price varies with

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Accutech Micro Mill

Accutech Micro Mill


Within minutes of receiving the Accutech Chainsaw Micro-Mill you will be completing complex projects in record time and with greater accuracy.

Big Foot Head Cutter

Big Foot Head Cutter


The Big Foot head cutter, which performs beyond the reach of all common portable circular saw tools, is the log builder's, timber framer's, and conventional framer’s dream!

Alaska Mark III chainsaw mill

Alaska Mark III Mill


The ALASKAN MARK III  portable chain saw mill attachments allow the user to efficiently saw trees on site and produce dimensional lumber suitable for timber framing, standard building or woodworking projects.

Starting at $234.95

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Granberg Helper Handle for chain saw mill

Granberg helper handle


Used on Alaska type Chain Saw mills and adapted by builders for it's light weight and easy assembly.

Price varies with style

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Track 2' for use with Granberg Minimill.

ca0045-2' V

Additional 2' section of V track for use with the Granberg Mini MIll

Ripping chain chart

Ripping chain


Ripping chain will definately make your rips go faster...with both scoring teeth and cutting teeth to help clear the chips as quick as they're cut.


$2.00 per bar inch

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Slabbing Rails


Slabbing rails are the quick and accurate way to make your first cut when using a chainsaw mill.

Price varies with length

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Brackets to use with your 2x4's for making your own slabbing rails.


Brackets for Alaska Mill

Add-on handle for Alaskan MIll

G996 Handle on/off assembly


Provides additional control and stability on Alaskan Mills

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