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Scorp - Swiss made





This 2 handed scorp is a roughing-out tool for making bowls, spoons, and similar concave shapes.

  • The comfortable, hardwood handle can be gripped firmly for quick accurate cuts, and has been optimized to approximately 135 degrees to allow effective edge engagement and adequate hand clearance.
  • The thick shank reduces chatter and increases accuracy.
  • The width of the offset blade is 1-1/4", overall length 7".

This Swiss made tool, follows pfeil's legendary quality formula of the highest grade, hardened steel, polished and ground to a razor sharp edge ready to use.

Originally used for projects such as hollowing out chair seats made of a solid piece of wood. Good for peeling small pole stock for railing and furniture and for getting into tight places where a regular drawknife couldn't access due to the handle spread.

NOTE: Scotty recalls the 2 handeled 'scorp' being called an 'Inshave' and the single handled style called, yup, a 'scorp'. (We don't carry the single handle style at this time).

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