PermaChink Ultra-2



Perma-Chink Ultra 2

Distinguish and protect your home with this two coat application followed by a clear satin or gloss topcoat.  Water repellent, breathable, water based, mold & mildew resistant, superior UV protection.





Perma-Chink Ultra 2 Wood Finish offers Maximum Protection and Beauty for your Home with a 5-year Warranty*

• Superior UV Protection
• Highly Breathable and Elastic
• Low-Maintenance
• Environmentally friendly

No other transparent finish system on the market today lasts like Ultra 2 when used with a clear topcoat of Lifeline Advance.

The secret is in the advanced water-borne formula which enriches the natural beauty of wood, retains its color, and provides unparalleled UV protection. It forms a thin, protective film on the surface of the wood that is both breathable and elastic.

Do-It-Yourself Homeowners and Professional Contractors will appreciate how easily Ultra 2 goes on by brush or airless sprayer. It’s fast drying formula allows you to apply up to 3 coats in a single day – dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete your finishing project.

Choose Lifeline Ultra 2 as the lowest-maintenance solution for beautifying and protecting the natural wood exterior of your home.

Requires Lifeline Advance Topcoat (clear)

*The 3-year warranty offered with the initial application of LL Ultra 2 with LL Advance topcoat, when applied to properly prepared wood and registration filed with Perma-Chink Systems, may be extended for an additional 2 years with the reapplication of the topcoat within 3 years of the initial application, for a total of a 5-year warranty.

Coverage is 350-450 sq. ft. per gallon for first coat, 600-800 sq. ft. per gallon for second coat.

Ultra-2 is compatible with previous Lifeline exterior finishes.


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