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Helmets & Hearing

Helmets: Like all conventional helmets that meet or exceed ANSI Standards (Z89) and OSHA regulations, these helmets provide limited head protection by reducing the force of small falling objects striking or penetrating the top of the shell.

Ear Muffs: Hearing Protectors are issued a "noise reduction rating" (NRR). The range of noise reduction ratings for existing hearing protectors is approximately 0 to 30 with higher numbers denoting greater effectiveness. The level of noise entering a person's ear when hearing protection is worn is approximately the difference the the environmental noise level and the (NRR) of the hearing protector. (there are exceptions to this. Frequencies below 500 Hz, and impulse noise such as a gun shot may react differently).

Helmet with ear muffs, neck cover and face screen


Husqvarn Pro Forest Helmet combo comes with 6 point complete with visor, sun peak, hearing protectors (noise reduction rating of 24) and neck guard. 

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