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Sashco Log Jam chinking

Davy Crockett’s cabin was cozy…except that it wasn’t. He spent a good amount of time plastering mortar into those joints every year. Old mortar cracks and crumbles out of the joints, allowing in wind, bugs, dust, rain and pollen. That’s why Sashco created Log Jam® chinking, the industry standard for synthetic chinking. Its texture recreates that old-time mortar look while sealing your rustic cabin from vermin and wind alike. It stretches and won’t let go when your logs move. With Log Jam chinking, you can keep the cozy feel and rustic look without compromise.

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Log Jam Chinking


Sashco Log Jam Chinking is a water based chinking that applies easily and tools and cleans up with just water.


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Sashco Brush Over Chink Coating 2 gallon.

Sashco's Brush Over chink paint is no longer available.

You can read this handy brochure on how to thin 'Log Jam' chinking for use as a brush over paint...or check the PermaChink chink paint colors to find a match.

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