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Sanders & Grinders

Makita 9227c<br>shown with optional buffing bonnet

Makita 9227C variable speed sander


Makita 9227C
7" Variable Speed Sander/Polisher

  • Variable speed (600-3000 rpm) with pre-set speed setting dial;
  • ideal for ultra slow polishing.

Makita 9557nbx 4-1/2 inch angle grinder

Makita 9557nbx 4-1/2" angle grinder


  • Small circumference barrel grip (only 2.5") for added comfort
  • 7.5 AMP motor design for high output power in a more compact tool (only 3.5 lbs.)

Price varies with option

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Makita 9564cv grinder

Makita 9564 4-1/2" variable speed angle grinder.

Variable Speed 4-1/2" Angle Grinder

Good for using with 4 inch Osborne nylon bristle buffing brushes (use at lowest speed setting).

Makita 9741 Wheel Brush Sander

Makita-9741 wheel brush sander


  • Highlights wood grain.
  • Can be used on both logs and lumber.
  • Also used to remove rust from metal.
  • Comes with 100 grit nylon wheel brush...optional brushes available


Brush for 9741 sander

Brushes for Makita wheel brush sander.


Replacement wheels: for Makita 9741 wheel brush sander.


Price varies with style

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Makita 9032 belt sander

Makita #9032 VS 3/8 x 21 belt sander


Slim design allows for filing and sanding in confined areas. Popular with carvers for detailing their sculptures and chainsaw carvings.

Package of 10 belts to fit the Makita model 9032 3/8 belt sander.

st0135-3/8-belts box/10

Box of 10 belts to fit the 3/8 Makita model #9032...available in a variety of grits

Spiral backing pad<br>showing 'ribs'

Flexible backing pad


  • Flexible backing pads, air-cooled (due to spiral ribs), all purpose for use with A/O (Aluminum Oxide) sanding discs.

Price varies with options

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Resin Fibre discs<br>fanned out for display<br>Wrench, nut, pad are optional

Abrasive discs


Resin Fibre Discs for sanding/grinding with quality & performance - A combination of superior design, top quality raw materials, and rigid quality control standards ensure you a high performance product.


Price varies with size

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shown with optional small lock nut

Spanner Wrench


Spanner wrench for use with the locking nuts that are used with the flexible backing pads.


Saburr-tooth 4" Flat Face Carving Wheel


Saburr-tooth 4" flat face carving wheels, can be used with most 4" and 4-1/2" angle grinders using a 5/8" arbor.

Price varies with version

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Saburr-Tooth 5" Flat Face Carving Wheel


5" Saburr-tooth flat face carving wheels, can be used with most 5" and 7" angle grinders with a 7/8" arbor.

Price varies with version

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