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Portable Winches

Build where others wouldn't consider building, hunt where others would never dare to hunt!

Don't be afraid of those deep canyons or nearly inaccesible locales anymore! Use the Lewis Winch to help move your logs onto your log project...and out of the woods.
With the Capstan Rope Winch you'll have your game out in hours, in one piece and it will be clean. No more packing!

The Capstan Rope Winch is designed for pulling with rope. The rotating capstan is the pulling power. Available in a Chainsaw mount version or one that comes with a Honda motor.

We also sell the lengendary Lewis Winch...simply mount to your chainsaw and use with  aircraft cable to do all the things listed above...as well as build a log home and haul logs out of the brush.

Simpson capstan winch mounted to chainsaw

Simpson Capstan winch for chainsaw mount


Simpson Model CS capstan rope winch attaches to your chain saw and uses low stretch polyester rope instead of wire cable.

Price varies with options

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Simpson capstan winch with 35cc Honda motor

Simpson capstan winch with GX35 Honda Motor


The Simpson Capstan SP capstan rope winch is self propelled by a Honda 4 Stroke OHC engine, with an approved spark arrestor & throttle control.

Price varies with options

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Lewis Winch

Lewis Winch


The Lewis Winch is made of a rugged cast-aluminum alloy housing making it extremely strong and lightweight.

  • Capable of up to 4000lb. straight line pull...more with snatch block (pully).

Price varies with options

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Double braided rope

Double Braided Rope


Double braided low stretch polyester rope for Capstan Winches.

varies with rope diameter

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CA0055-3/8" twisted rope

3/8" 3 strand twisted polyester rope for used with Capstan Rope Winches

Price varies with diameter

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Snatch Block


Snatch blocks assist in both redirecting the cable and increasing your pulling power.

Price varies with size

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Lewis Winch adapter kit-4pcs

Lewis Winch 4 pc adapter kit


Lewis winch 4 piece adapter kit is a direct connect setup with your choice of 3 adapters that fit a majority of chainsaws.

Peavy hook shown with winch for clarity

Lewis Winch peavey hook and swivel

ca0050-hook with shackle

The Lewis Winch Peavey Hook comes with an anchor shackle that replaces the one included with your Lewis Winch.

Carabiner, pulley and cable for rope winch

Carabine, Pulley, Cable


This carabiner, pulley and cable are used as a snatch block to improve the pulling capability of the Capstan rope winch.

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