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Auger Bits - Long

Long wood auger bits are a specialty of ours. We stock several types...Irwin, NW, Eliminator, Penetrator, in lengths up to 60" and widths up to 1-1/2".

Custom sizes by special order...Contact Us

NOTE: Here's a handy tip: Did you get the long auger bit stuck? It's best to 'unstick' by using a pipe wrench rather than the drill. Regular 'cleaning' of the hole helps reduce the possibility of this happening.

auger bit

NW Auger Bit


NW long wood auger bits are designed to drill through several logs or beams at once for making electrical chases, drilling through-bolt chases, drilling truss pieces, stair treads, etc.

Price varies with length & diameter

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Eliminator Carbide tipped Auger Bit

Eliminator Carbide tipped Auger Bit


  • Carbide tipped
  • Diameters from 1/2" up to 1-1/8".

The "ELIMINATOR" comes equipped with a standard general purpose lead screw, a carbide cutter, a hardened steel cutting spur, and a single hollow flute body milled from a single piece of alloy steel for strength.

Price varies with length & diameter

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Penetrator Auger Bit

Penetrator Auger Bit


The PENETRATORâ„¢ wood boring drill bit drills faster than ordinary steel auger bits.

Price varies with length & diameter

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Several types of auger bits

Irwin 29" Auger Bit


Irwin Power Drill Wood Auger bits are considered the standby long wood auger bit. Good production and durability.

Irwin is 2nd from left in picture.

Irwin is 2nd from left

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NW Long Drill Bit Extension


NW Long drill bit extensions are available in lengths up to 4'.

Starting at $58.95

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