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Carving Packages

Gas and Electric chainsaws set up for chainsaw carving typically run 1/4 pitch chain and thus need a 1/4 pitch sprocket...or you can use 3/8lp chain (also called low pro, lo profile, picco), or .325 pitch chain, which allows to you stay with a 3/8 or 3/8lp sprocket...however it's recommended you only use the quarter tip carving bars.

Gas powered chainsaws often need to be retuned for your local conditions and use. We'll use the example of the popular Husqvarna 338xpt to give you an idea of what this means. 
The Husqvarna 338xpt is preset, (tuned), at the factory in Sweden to run at 13,000-13,500 rpm. At sea level this can be increased to 14,500. However, chainsaw carvers and log builders who are not running the saw under load, (e.g. the saw is not in the wood, rather the tip is simply brushing the wood), should tune their saw to 12,000-12,500 rpm. Of course, this also varies depending on land elevation, humidity, and even whether the fuel you're using has a 10% ethanol mixture. (Often the case in the winter months. There's usually a sticker on the gas pumps advising you of this. Terrible for saws).
To simplify this a bit, you can detune by making the fuel mixture richer, which makes the rpms (revolutions per minute), drop.

Makita 5012b Electric with factory bar and chain

ca0008-Makita 5012b electric with carving package.



Makita 5012B Commercial Grade 11 3/4-Inch 11.5 amp Electric Chain Saw

Makita's 5012b is the fastest running electric chainsaw that we're aware of. We provide this with both the factory supplied bar, chain, sprocket...and your choice of carving bar, 1/4 pitch chain and 1/4 pitch sprocket.

Price varies with package options

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Carving bar, chain, sprocket

Makita 'No Saw' Carving Package - includes sprocket


Makita 'No Saw' Carving package is for those who already own a Makita 5012b electric saw and only need the chainsaw carving bar, 1/4 pitch chain and 1/4 pitch sprocket

Price varies with brand

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Carving Package - Husqvarna - Aborist


For those of you using Husqvarna's Arborists chainsaws...334, 335, 336, 338xp, 339...

This setup is for converting your chainsaw to a 1/4 pitch dime tip carving bar setup.


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Husqvarna 1/4 pitch kit for Arborist saws

1/4 pitch kit for Arborist saws


1/4 pitch conversion kit for Husqvarna Arborist size chainsaws...including the 334, 335, 336, 338xp and the 339.

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