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Carving Bars

Chain saw carving bars are popular with wood and ice carvers as well as log builders for performing "plunge" cuts and detail work with minimal kickback. .

To find out whether your saw has a 1/4 pitch Spur Sprocket available click HERE.

Look HERE for information on determining pitch and gauge of saw chain.

Note: When ordering chain or bars, please include make and model of saw. (not necessary if you're an experienced chain saw carver and know what you're ordering is correct). If possible, let us know the pitch and gauge of the chain.

Note: When you receive a carving bar from us you'll find that we have (when we remember), applied some "slick 50", or similar lubricant at the bar tip to provide adequate lubrication until the saw "oiler" has dispensed sufficient oil into the bar groove to lubricate the entire bar length. This is particularly important on manual oilers such as the Makita 5012b

Note: Carving Bars are designed to accommodate several different bar mount styles. Occasionally, you may need to file out the bar stud groove to allow the bar to slide into place and tighten up properly. This filing can be easily done with a good flat file or round file as the circumstances dictate.

Cannon Carving Bar

Cannon Carving Bar


Cannon chainsaw bars are made in Canada.

Cannon Carving bars are available with cobalt hardened tips in either dime size (3/4"), quarter size (1") and Tooney tip (1-3/8") and lengths from 8" up to 20".

Price varies with size

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American carving bars

American Carving Bar


Made in United States.

These bars use 3" of hard face alloy (Stellite) on their tips (top and bottom), ...which I believe is the most of any carving bar...the norm is closer to 1-1/2".

Starting at $99.00
12" bar

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Australian Carving bar by GB.


GB is the only carving bar that we're aware of that also offers a sprocket tip option. 

$80.00 - $140.00

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Quarter size tip carving bar in middle of  photo

Carving bar with Quarter tip to fit larger Stihl D025


American made.

Fits the Large Stihl styles...e.g. 024, 026, and larger. (MS250 uses a standard carving bar).

Price varies with size

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Carving bar, chain, sprocket

Makita 'No Saw' Carving Package - includes sprocket


Makita 'No Saw' Carving package is for those who already own a Makita 5012b electric saw and only need the chainsaw carving bar, 1/4 pitch chain and 1/4 pitch sprocket

Price varies with brand

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