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Fall Checklist
Fall is a good time to do a final check of the exterior of your home before you settle in to enjoy a warm, dry and comfortable winter ...
Protect and maintain the beauty of your log home and deck
Your home is a major investment so it is important to clean, treat, finish and maintain it properly. We'll lead you through the steps necessary to clean and refinish your log or wood sided home and your wood decks and railings.
Step by Step Guide to Clean and Restore Your Deck
A great pictorial article written by the good folks at Saver Systems on how to clean, refinish and maintain your wood decks and railings.
Preparation For Cedar Decks and Logs
Advice specific to cleaning and refinishing Cedar Logs, decks and cedar sides homes.
Sikkens Natural Oak (005) on different wood species
Sikkens Natural Oak (005) on different wood species
Here is a good primer by Perma-Chink, these folks make Wood Cleaners, Wood Brighteners, Chinking and Caulking products and Wood finishes.


Restoration of a 1903 Log Home - Part 1
We found and purchased a 1903 log house with the intent of restoring it. Part 1 in a series of articles:
Evaluation of the site and structure.
Restoration of a 1903 Log Home - Part 2
We found and purchased a 1903 log house with the intent of restoring it. Part 2 in a series of articles:
Rough assessment, log stripping, final assessment.
Restoration of a 1903 Log Home, Part 3
We found and purchased a 1903 log house with the intent of restoring it. Part 3 in a series of articles:
Removing logs from a wall, replacing logs, and repairing logs using borates and epoxies.
Restoring Structural Integrity to Rotted Logs
If you have rotted logs to repair, fear not. The first thing to do is to figure out why the rot is present and fix that problem. We list the problem areas to check and what to do if you find trouble.

Tips and Techniques

Chinking Your Log Home
What's involved in chinking your log home, let's look at some common techniques and materials to use. And we'll explain a variety of ways to apply chinking.
Tools of The Trade & the many ways to peel a log
In this issue we will focus on de-barking tools, log scribers and peaveys. We'll also lead you through the many methods used to peel logs from drawknives to adzes to pressure washing.
What you should know about exterior finishes for Log Homes
Without protection from sun and moisture, wood "weathers" and deteriorates. Finishes are used to enhance appearance and dimensional stability, and to prevent deterioration.
Creating Your Own Log Railings & Furniture
We get a lot of calls asking what tools can be used to make log railings and furniture. There are several possibilities depending upon how quickly you want to build and how much effort you want to invest. This article focuses on log railings although much of what is discussed can be applied to log beds, tables, etc.
Enjoying Log Accents
If you like the look of logs, you can use log accents to add beauty to any home or add appeal to a log home.
Avoid Norimaki Logs
When I went to Japan several years ago to re-erect our first log home to Japan I kept hearing people ask why the house logs weren't 'Norimaki Logs'." or ... How to avoid mold and mildew on your beautiful logs.
Chink Paint Receipe
Here is a quick and simple way to make your own chink paint. This is used to 'freshen' the look of weathered chinking.
Maintaining Your Bulk Loading (caulking) gun
Albion bulk loading guns need regular maintenance to perform at their best...this article explains how.
Prazi Beam Cutter compatibility list
Sharpening an axe
The sharpening of an axe is done in several steps, depending on how worn down the axe head is.

Thinking about a Log Home

What To Consider If Building A Log Home Is In Your Future
What's the best style of log work for us?
Where do we go for financing?
How long will it take?
Milled vs. Handcrafted Logs -- What's The Difference?
Handcrafted log homes are generally more expensive than milled log homes because there is so much more labor involved and often larger material is used.
How Milled Stacks Up
There are several ways milled logs can be stacked:
•Double Tongue & Groove Round Notch
•Butt & Pass Method
•Interlocking Corner Method
•Post & Beam Method

Chainsaw Carving and related

Chainsaw Tips
How do you know when the chain needs sharpened? The following guidelines can help:
•You have to apply pressure on the bar to cut
•Your saw kicks out more sawdust than wood chips
•You can see light reflections off the leading edges of the cutters
How to determine pitch and gauge of saw chain
How to determine the pitch and gauge of your saw chain
When ordering saw chain the following information will assist us in matching the correct chain to your saw.
List of 1/4 pitch spur sprockets
Find out whether there is a 1/4 pitch spur sprocket available for your make and model of chainsaw:
How to change the sprocket on your Makita 5012b chainsaw
This is pretty lo-tech, however it seems to work and the price is right.
Tips on using the Lancelot
Remember to only use with 4-1/2" grinders...with a constant pressure (paddle type) switch...you don't want this to keep running if your hands slip and you've locked the trigger on.



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